Book I, The Gold of Ophir

A customized, black truck chases Finley, “Finn” MacAdams along the gravel farm roads of West Texas. He doesn’t know who is behind the wheel, or why they are after him. Neither does he know that his life is about to change. The chase lands him in the hospital, where he narrowly avoids capture. Deciding he needs to lay low, he goes to visit his brother, Cross. Arriving at his trailer, Finn discovers that Cross is missing. The beautiful blonde woman he finds there claims she is an archeologist, a friend of Cross’, who is worried about him. She believes Cross has set out, fleeing his own capture, in search of the legendary city of Ophir, the biblical source of King Solomon’s gold. It all seems too far-fetched to be true until Finn is kidnapped and taken to Eritrea. There, in the hands of ruthless thieves, Finn must face his inner demons. There is no choice, he cannot run this time, not if he is to save himself and his brother.

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